Natural products for beauty, skin care, weight loss, overall health & home

Natural products for beauty, skin care, weight loss, overall health & home

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Beauty Products


The amazing 10 in 1 Exfoliator that will leave you with cleaner, softer skin. It’s incredible ingredients will remove dead skin while leaving your face energized! The total spa experience!

USD 51.54 F135616-00-99 50 ml
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Exfolium Sachets (30 sachets)

Share the secret to how Exfolium has become one of Sisel’s best sellers with these easy to use sachets. Each comes with a generous 3ML of Exfolium, plenty for prospects to gain the full Exfolium effect on their skin.

USD 71.94 F136482-10-01 30 Sachets
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SISEL® Firming Facial Cleanser

A rich blend of moisturizers gently lift dirt, oils and makeup residues from the face giving it a fresh, clean glow. Free from harsh cleansers like sodium lauryl sulfate and other ingredients…

USD 18.00 F012001-10-01 220 ml/7.43 fl oz
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Skin Care Products

BarVitae Spa Soap

Pamper, moisturize, and tone your skin with our indulgent and luxurious BarVitae Spa Soap.

USD 11.40   –  F130980-10-01

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Bubble Bath

SISEL Bubble Bath is a gentle way to soak away the stress of the day. Made from premium ingredients

USD 13.30  – F015007-10-01 250 ml/8.45 fl oz

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Enliven Bath and Shower Gel

Pamper your skin and enliven your senses with this gentle, high-foaming gel that cleans and conditions.

USD 18.00  –  F130639-10-01 500 ml/26.9 fl oz

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Weight Loss Products


This plant based energizing supplement has been specially formulated to power your day by boosting your energy levels with nutrients and vitamins. SiselGREEN™ is vegan based,
USD 46.80 – F136455-10-01

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SiseLEAN™ Chocolate – Sachets

Sisel’s SiseLEAN™ Weight Management Shake – Chocolate, makes dieting much easier by filling you up with a tasty shake filled with Vitamins A,D,E,B6 & B12 and premium proteins!
USD 66.00 – F136308-10-01 20 Sachets

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SiseLEAN Weight Management Shake – Chocolate

SiseLean Weight Management Shakes fill the nutritional gaps that are left when dieting and exercising. It is a low calorie, delicious shake that fills you up and gets you through your day.
USD 66.00 – F134943-10-01 795G

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Overall Health & Home Products

Sisel Ionic Air Purifier

Now you can clean the air in your car without ever having to open the windows! The Sisel Ionic Air Purifier utilizes ionized ozone to help scrub the air of odors and unclean smells
USD 71.94   –  F136486-10-01 Air Ionizer

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SupraH2™ Hydrogen Generator Ultra 110V

The SupraH2™ Ultra Hydrogen Generator uses the latest in proton exchange membrane technologies to Sisel® to completely change the way you look at water. By simply pressing a button,
USD 3,180.00  – F135874-00-01

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SupraH2 Water Bottle

Protect Your Investment with the Supra H2 Water Bottle Since you’ve made the decision to drink only the healthiest water possible, why not ensure it stays that way? Get your own H2 hydrogenated water bottle!
USD 10.00  –  F136297-00-01 500ML BTL

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