Body Treatments

Body Treatments

The epitome of spa decadence, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your entire back.

Services & Prices

Shuri 24k Gold Seaweed Body Wrap – 100

The Shuri 24k Gold Seaweed Body Wrap contains nutrients that smooth and strengthen skin elasticity. Tones and firms skin without leaving skin dry, reduces enlarged pores, freckles, and relieves redness.

Mito Mud Wrap – 100

The Mito Mud Wrap is an exhilarating treatment that boosts circulation while firming and moisturizing the skin using mineral enriched volcanic mud.

Saladin Sugar Scrub – 100

The Saladin Sugar Scrub is a custom hand made sugar body scrub to exfoliate, smooth and deeply moisturize your skin using natural oils, honey, and other natural ingredients.

Weight Loss Body Wrap – 225

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Taj Body Detoxifying Foot Soak – 80

The Taj Body Detoxifying Foot Soak is an ionic detox that is scientifically proven to assist in stress and fatigue reduction within the body. Ionic foot detoxifying helps to energize the body  by helping to get rid of toxins that have accumulated over time, while rejuvenating the body’s cells. Ionic foot detoxifying also produces a feeling of general well being and is revitalizing to the body’s overall energy.